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disney dreamlight valley | the great blizzard quest | olaf, secret chamber gems puzzle, & scary squirrels

let’s solve the great blizzard quest! here's a video on how to do so, as well as unlock olaf, solve the secret chamber gems puzzle, add the secret squirrel as a companion, and change your valley dwellers' roles!

disney dreamlight valley released update number three on february 16, 2023 and it includes olaf and the great blizzard quest based in the frosted heights.

begin the quest:

  • begin by chatting with merlin! select the great blizzard option and he’ll tell you how to restore the pillar in frosted heights. you’ll need to search the blizzard for the source of the disturbance.
  • note: to prevent lagging and dropping frame rates for streamers, you can turn off the blizzard effect in-game by selecting "disable flashes" in the graphics menu within settings.
enter the new doorway in the frosted heights:
  • head over to the frosted heights near the back right wall and interact with the new doorway. you’ll find a new mysterious space, as well as olaf!
  • chat with olaf to find your next quest–searching for scary squirrels, which have run off with his buttons and nose! this is part 1 of putting olaf back together again.
  • in the meantime, collect the sparkling journal pages on the floor of the secret chamber. these will produce orbs that will open up new lost journal entries. there are five total.
find the scary squirrels in frosted heights:
  • head outside and find the scary squirrels! there will be four total to catch.
  • note: you can select these scary squirrels as your companion once you’ve found them all!
  • once you've found them all, return to olaf and give him the nose and buttons you gathered.
chat with elsa + discover water's memories:
  • find elsa and ask her how to help water show what it remembers about this incident.
  • use your map to find her in dreamlight valley.
    • tip: you can select elsa while viewing your map to make a sparkling guide appear while you are walking through the valley. this will lead the way to elsa!
  • elsa will instruct you to use your royal watering can to draw out the memories held by water.
  • find the pillar near the right side of the frosted heights and use your royal watering can on the sparkling water particles to the left of it.
  • you’ll see another bit of the mystery and then you’ll need to share what you saw with elsa.
find sparkling water particles in the secret chamber:
  • head back to the secret chamber in the frosted heights to find olaf.
  • he’ll instruct you to use your royal watering can to find out more information.
  • find sparkling water particles in the secret chamber to see what else the water remembers.
    • tip: the areas look like piles of snow! there is one pile near the entrance and one pile near the dark portal.
  • return to olaf to relay what you saw.
find books to fix the dark portal:
  • olaf will remember a bit more of what happened with the forgotten and the orb. you’ll come up with the next plan of fixing the dark portal, which is where the lost orb and olaf’s arms have ended up.
  • collect a few books on the floor and return to olaf once you have found the one called, “so you want to open a dark portal.”
craft a dreamlight prism to fix the dark portal:
  • next, create a dreamlight prism that will fix the dark portal. to do this, find the broken glass pieces on the floor of the secret chamber and use those along with 10 glass and 5 purified night shards to craft a dreamlight prism.
    • there will be three piles of shattered prism glass pieces in the secret chamber.
  • now, head to your nearest crafting station!
    • select the potion & enchantment tab and craft 5 purified night shards.
      • these require a total of 25 night shards and 5 dream shards.
    • then, select the functional Items tab and craft the dreamlight prism.
  • head back to the secret chamber to place your dreamlight prism onto the prism pedestal near the entry.
solve the gems puzzle to fix the dark portal: 
  • next, you’ll need to place the missing gems onto the three remaining pedestals in the secret chamber.
    • tip: create a rainbow with gems (red orange yellow green blue violet).
  • collect one citrine, one emerald, and one amethyst.
    • citrines can be mined in the glade of trust and sunlit plateau.
    • emeralds can be mined in the forest of valor and glade of trust.
    • amethysts can be mined in the frosted heights and the forgotten lands.
    • tip: if you don’t have any luck, mining spots should respawn in about five minutes.
  • place the citrine on the left middle pedestal.
  • place the emerald in the far right pedestal.
  • place the amethyst on the front right pedestal.
activate the dark portal:
  • now, whisper one of your deepest fears into the dark portal to activate it!
  • you’ll grab the orb and olaf’s arms from the dark portal.
repair the orb:
  • next, head back to olaf. he’ll be very grateful to have his arms back!
  • while chatting you’ll realize that the light and magic are gone from the orb.
  • when it seems like there are no more options left, olaf decides to make matters better with a warm hug.
  • the orb will start lighting up and you both realize the power has returned to it from the simple act of love!
repair the pillar in frosted heights:
  • head out to the frosted heights and return the orb back to the portal. *poof!* the blizzard will be gone from dreamlight valley!
  • return back to olaf and share the good news.
increase olaf's friendship + select a role:
  • your friendship with olaf will increase to level 2!
  • you’ll also be able to assign olaf a new role–either gardening, fishing, mining, foraging, or digging!
  • if you would like to change olaf's role that you selected, you can now change it by crafting a training manual! this is part of the third update to the game.

thank you for reading! 🤍

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