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sincerelysunshinecat NFTs!

UPDATE: A GALAXY WITHIN 5-part series AVAILABLE NOW on Rarible @sincerelysunshinecat

i'll be venturing into the world of NFTs this week with a brand new digital art series! it will be a bit different from the doodie characters, but i'm excited to share these five pieces with you all this friday, march 19 at noon pst! stay tuned on my socials and this blog for details on where to find them.

for those of you who aren't familiar with NFTs (non-fungible tokens), they're basically digital art pieces (images, video clips, etc.) that you can buy or trade using crypto currency. artists can sell or auction off multiples of their art or a single piece of art, but every buyer will have the legit piece of art with proof of ownership via verified blockchains :) blockchains have one originating (genesis) block and new parts of the chain are created when the art is bought or sold. 

from what i understand, you can choose to earn royalties each time the piece is sold again. in this case, it's kind of like an investment in your art. and, as a parallel in the physical world, it's like owning one of the rarest baseball or pokémon cards.

i do understand that there are some drawbacks: environmental effects of using crypto/blockchains and the NFT being digital vs. physical (this was my first mental hurdle). collectors can choose their preferred options for supporting artists. 

yes. i'm still one foot in the physical realm and one foot in the digital realm, but it's a fun change in pace. i've been getting mental blocks here and there so it's actually quite refreshing to bounce between mediums.

thanks for catching up with me and these crazy NFTs! i'm still learning about them, but i hope this short brain dump brought you a little bit of clarity :) i'll catch you next time! 

lots of love <3


sunshine cat

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