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sincerelysunshinecat STREAMS! <3

A R T  S T R E A M S coming your way! 🥳 my FIRST one is saturday, may 15 at 9 am pst on! 🙌🏽 WEEE! it’ll be an awesome way to keep my creative juices flowing AND hang out with you all virtually! you can create your free twitch account ahead of time to say, “hello!” in the chat 😄 you can also follow me and hit the notification bell 🔔 so you don’t miss the stream!

it's been a crazy few months visualizing this new adventure (literally drawing it out) and piecing together all of the equipment to make it happen. special shoutout to my fiancé, who helped push me in the right direction with a pc on my birthday! with a couple of loose monitors, an old iphone, some earbuds, and my ipad from a few years back, i've managed to follow all of the bread crumbs that the universe left!

i plan to do some digital art on my ipad, as well as on my pc via adobe programs, maybe toy with some animations, paint with acrylics, and even work on my new 3d printing pen skills! bouncing between mediums helps me keep my ideas fresh, although they're quite fleeting.

i can’t wait to see you in the stream! i'm still figuring out my schedule so stay tuned for stream updates. you can find more constant news on my instagram page

sending you love and light ✨

sincerely, sunshine cat 🤍☀️🐱

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